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Mental Health During a Pandemic

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The Pandemic's Toll on our Mental Health

This global pandemic has shifted our priorities in order to maintain the safety and health of others and ourselves, however that has a taken a toll on a lot of us. Many struggling with mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, or obsessive-compulsive disorder have expressed that their issues have gotten harder to manage and—unfortunately—heightened during the pandemic.

It’s important to remember that you are not alone. Many others are going through the same struggle. The pandemic has made it difficult for those struggling with mental health conditions because of the limited access to care, shifts in health insurance, the lack of a private space, limits to internet bandwidth, or even time.

​It is also important to note that heightened mental health conditions are common during a pandemic. The pandemic related changes created a lot of fear and anxiety in our lives because of the risk of illness and death as well as the repercussions that followed in many areas of life. It is only natural that we responded with worry and concern.

One way we can manage our mental health is to re-establish our routines while ensuring that we have our basic needs met. Getting exercise, good sleep, and having healthy meals is essential to improving one’s wellbeing. This pandemic has stopped us from going out to the gyms, but maybe the new alternative can be going on a short morning/evening walk or even exercising or meditating at home.

Eating three meals a day is imperative to maintaining our physical health. Without eating, we won’t be able to find our strength to do our daily tasks. Our meals don’t have to be complicated. Breakfast can simply be some toast and an omelette, but it is better to have a meal than to skip one entirely. Lastly, in order to have better sleep, it is key that we learn to power down our screens. We need to learn to wind down from our hectic day and prepare ourselves for sleep in order to have good sleep. Often, we continue using our phones while in bed, but this is counterproductive because our brains are still active and not ready to rest.

It’s not easy to get back into the routine of things as they once were, and we understand that. Here at Finding Tranquility Psychotherapy Services our registered psychotherapist, Tala Barrage, can give you the helping hand you might need. She specializes in helping individuals going through a life transition, individuals trying to find their work-life balance, childhood trauma, and stress. This pandemic has forced us to shift our routines drastically, but Tala can help you find that balance to maintain your previous lifestyle and still incorporate the safety and health measurements we need to follow during this pandemic.

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